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Vision: To operate as a competitive swimming club at which coaches, swimmers and parents work in partnership to develop a culture that assists in enabling the swimmers to achieve their full potential both as athletes and as young adults.


Culture:  Great sporting clubs do not leave team spirit, respect or culture to chance.

The Barossa Swimming Club is no different, and team spirit, respect and culture are at the heart of the growth and success of our club.

The culture of the Barossa Swimming Club is built around commitment and effort, together with an expectation of excellence in athlete behaviours, both in and out of the pool.

Values:  We seek to build a club where;



  • are positive, resilient, determined and motivated to achieve their personal best 

  • develop independence to self-direct and self-monitor their development

  • develop leadership skills

  • are responsible and dependable members of the swimming club and the broader community

  • are dedicated to the Barossa Team, supportive of team mates and committed to Team Success 

  • are respectful of themselves and those around them

  • punctual to both training sessions and events

Committee, Coaches and Parents 

  • provide a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment in which members develop their skills and talents to their fullest potential

  • are positive role models in word, action and attitude

  • are professional, progressive and passionate in their roles

  • support all members, encouraging and applauding excellence

  • support the club’s vision and culture






The club currently has 3 coaches, Anthony (Tony) Davies Head Coach, Scott Logan Development Coach and assistant coach (TOCS qualified) Meg Wood.

Before arriving in SA at the beginning of 2017, Tony served as an assistant coach at Australia’s most successful country swimming club – Traralgon. A former schoolteacher and grammar school house master, he has coached a number of state champions both in Victoria and South Australia, along with a number of National championship representatives. He was recently honoured with selection on to the SA coaching panel for the prestigious State Teams championships to be held at the AIS in Canberra. 


Scott has been coaching for 4 years and is a qualified Development Coach with Swimming Australia (formerly Bronze), but in a short period has built a strong reputation as a valued member of the coaching panel with the ability and attributes that will ensure his accelerated coaching development.

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