Barossa Swimming Club Presentation Night 2020

Hello Team,

In the absence of our normal Sunday newsletter which will be issued instead tomorrow, please be informed that all training sessions will operate as normal this week.

I would like to thank all those who were able to attend what proved a fantastic celebration of our club at our annual presentation evening held this year out of the Vine Inn Function room. The feedback around our special night has been wonderful, with the overwhelming sentiment being one of pride in our club. Our Club patron and Member for Schubert, Stephan Knoll, spoke glowingly about our team.

Well done to all those involved in organising the event, with special mention to and Chris Timms for venue arrangement et. and Jacqui Shannon and Bec Coulter for table preparation etc. Very special mention also to Damian “Newy” Newham who proved an extremely capable and entertaining MC, and to Scott for his time and effort in producing the images and videos of the season gone for us to enjoy. Well done to our departing club captains Sage Logan and Gus Sloane, both of whom delivered wonderful speeches with a poise beyond their years. It was lovely to hear the reflections of our departing swimmer Harliai (we wish her the best), and we thank our president Stephen Cook for his kind words which were read out in his absence, and which offered his ever-astute observations of the club and its operations, with particular reference to the unique circumstances that this year has presented.

And how about that rendition of our club chant!!!!! I reckon it was a PB…..


Club Captains 2020-21: Meg Wood, Keian Curthoys-Davies (senior), Kegan Coulter and Miella Curthoys-Davies (junior).

Season 2019-20 State Champion Certificates: Harliai Curthoys-Davies, Reuben Lehmann, Leni Newham, Mallika Fletcher, Kegan Coulter, Max Schubert

Wavemaker of the 2020 Country Championships: Miella Curthoys-Davies

Commitment, Effort, Excellence Training Trophies: Charlotte Ashmead, Sophie Ashmead, Annabel Ashmead, Kegan Coulter, Riley Coulter, Keian Curthoys-Davies, Miella Curthoys-Davies, Charlotte Shannon, Jasmine Carroll, Meg Wood, Sage Logan, Leni Newham

Superfish Wavemaker of the Year: Annabel Ashmead

Rising Star Wavemaker: Mallika Fletcher, Tayah Finch

Junior Wavemaker of the Year: Max Schubert

Relay Team of the Year: 12U Girls 4x50 Free Jasmine Carroll, Miella Curthoys-Davies, Sage Logan, Charlotte Shannon

Individual Relay Swim of the Year: Sage Logan

Wavemaker Club Top Ten (including 2019-20 Wavemaker of the Year)

No. 1 (wavemaker of the year): Harliai Curthoys-Davies

No. 2 (runner up wavemaker of the year): Kegan Coulter

No. 3 (3rd place wavemaker of the year): Miella Curthoys-Davies

No. 4: Keian Curthoys-Davies

No. 5: Leni Newham

No. 6: Makayla Docherty

No. 7: Jasmine Carroll

No. 8: Gus Sloane

No. 9: Sophie Ashmead

No. 10: Nyah Schubert

Club Person of the Year: Melissa Fletcher

Thank you


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