Barossa Swimming Club (2018-19 Club of the Year) - Making Waves Newsletter No. 16

Season 2020-21 - Sunday 24th January


1. CLUB SPONSORS Very special thanks to Wavemaker parent Ben Finch for his GOLD sponsorship of our club via the Finch Tandelea Park Ag property. Ben has also sourced additional SILVER sponsorship of our club in the form of THE FISH FACTORY. Please thank Ben, and support our wonderful club sponsors, like the FISH FACTORY, without whom we would not be able to function as we do.

  • The Vine Inn Platinum sponsor

  • Barossa Valley Hire Platinum sponsor

  • Shannon Welding and Fabrication Gold sponsor

  • Leisure Pools Barossa Gold sponsor

  • Tandalea Park Ag (Ben Finch) Gold sponsor

  • Nutrien (formerly Total Eden) Silver sponsor

  • The Fish Factory (sourced by Ben Finch) Silver sponsor

  • Elders Insurance Barossa Silver sponsor

  • Hunter Bros. Bronze sponsor

  • Elders Rural Roseworthy Bronze sponsor

2. TUESDAY JANUARY 26TH – TEAM BRUNCH (ASSISTANCE REQUEST) To bid a final farewell to Charlotte and Jonte before they commence their respective boarding school adventure, a team brunch (toasties/juice/fruit etc.) has been planned to follow training on Tuesday morning. Training will concluded at 9.35am. The brunch will extend to around 10am. We would welcome food contributions to assist with the brunch, as well as offers of help to cook the toasties (perhaps so they are ready when swimmers exit showers around 9.45am). Please let me know if you are able to help. 3. WAVEMAKER OF THE YEAR (POINTS SCORE FOLLOWING COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS) The Wavemaker of the Year is a title and trophy awarded to the best-performed swimmer in our club across championship events. It is our “MVP award”, if you like. The first three placegetters receive a medal, and the top ten receive a certificate as recognition of their result. It is our hope that our athletes aspire to finish as high as possible in this award and, certainly, with the current and growing depth of talent in our club, it should be considered a significant achievement to make the top ten. We are pleased to be able to bring you the current standings in this award following the country championship (see below) – as is evident from the current points score, it is a close competition with still a very large contingent of swimmers in the running for a top-ten result:

4. WAVEMAKER HARLIAI WINS STATE OPEN 100 BACKSTROKE TITLE We are pleased to report that Wavemaker Harliai - competing at the SA State Open and MC Championships this weekend - yesterday won her first SA State Open Championship. Harliai’s victory came in the 100m backstroke. Details and photo available via an upcoming FB post. 5. AMENDMENTS TO PROVISIONAL RELAY TEAMS – SA STATE RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS – SUNDAY 14TH FEBRUARY The following swimmers have been selected to represent our club at the upcoming SA State Relay Championships. Please note, these are provisional relay teams only, and times swum at the Division 1 meet may impact final team selection. The relay teams have been amended since the previous related correspondence was issued – please note these changes carefully. 8-12 Male 200 FREE RELAY: Gus, Kegan, Max, Jackson 8-12 Male 200 MEDLEY: Kegan (BK), Gus (BR), Max (FLY), Jackson (FREE) 8-12 Female 200 FREE: Miella, Asta, Mallika, Sophie 8-12 Female 200 MEDLEY: Miella (BK), Sophie (BR), Mallika (FLY), Asta (FREE) 10-14 Female 200 FREE: Charlotte S, Charlotte A, Sage, Jasmine 10-14 Female 200 MEDLEY: Charlotte S (BK), Jasmine (BR), Leni (FLY), Sage (FREE) 12-16 Female 200 FREE: Meg, Makayla, Nyah, Leni 12-16 Female 200 MEDLEY: Makayla (BK), Charlotte A (BR), Nyah (FLY), Meg (FREE) Open Female 200 FREE: Leni, Meg, Nyah, Makayla Open Female 200 MEDLEY: Nyah (BK), Charlotte A (BR), Leni (FLY), Meg (FREE) 6. ENTRIES CLOSING THIS WEEK!! 1. Entries for the Division 1 Meet of SAT 13th FEB close this Wednesday – current list of swimmers entered so far (4): Keian, Miella, Leni, Tayah 2. Entries for the Clare Open (Sat 7th FEB) and MID-NORTH sprints (Sun 8th FEB) close this week on Thursday. These are particularly good meets for our junior and newer swimmers. Please note, the Head Coach will be present on the Sunday but not on the Saturday, although we do hope to have a coach present on the Saturday. A normal training program at the Rex will operate on the Saturday, and swimmers competing at state championship should attend the Saturday training, and perhaps attend only the Sunday component of these two Clare carnivals. Current list of wavemakers entered for Clare Open (4): Eddie, Tayah, Sam, Harry Current list of wavemakers entered for Mid-North Sprints (3): Eddie, Miella, Noah 7. DIVISION 1 MEET SATURDAY 13TH FEB Swimmers competing at state championships should enter this meet, targeting at least those events in which they are aiming to achieve their best result, or a qualifying time, or for which they are hoping to secure a relay spot. 8. RENMARK WEEKEND TEAM ACCOMMODATION/BOATING A number of families have already entered the Renmark Carnival of Saturday 20th February and Sunday 21st February (NB we do not normally compete as a club on the Sunda), with some already having booked their accommodation at Lake Bonney Caravan Park. Historically this weekend has proved a wonderful social event for swimmers and families alike, with swimmers competing on the Saturday, and families retiring to the caravan park to a cabin, a tent, or their own caravan to share an evening meal and beverage thereafter. The Newham family have very kindly offered their boat for the weekend, so we can look forward to a day spent on the water and behind the boat on the Sunday. If anyone has another boat they are in a position to bring, that would certainly be welcomed, too. We encourage all our members to join us for the “Renmark Weekend”. Entries close 7th FEB. Current list of wavemakers entered for Renmark (7): Charlotte S, Isabella, Keian, Miella, Leni, Harry, Sam 9. NAMED SWIMMING CAPS ORDER Uniform Officer Stephanie Docherty intends to place an order for named swimming caps at the end of January in preparation for state championships in March. Members are asked to contact Steph directly (ccd). Cost is $22 each ( minimum 2 per name) 10. TRAINING CHANGES THIS WEEK Tuesday morning training this week will commence at 7.45am and conclude at 9.35am. Gawler outdoor pool training will resume this Wednesday morning. See training timetable below. 11. WEDNESDAY TECHNIQUE DEVELOPMENT SESSION – all interested swimmers Please note carefully that the Wednesday session from 5.00pm to 6.30pm will, for the time being at least, is to be used as a technique development session. The focus of this session will be on improving the technique and developing the strokes of our swimmers across all four disciplines, as well as skills such as starts, UW kicking and turns. All POD 2 and POD 3 swimmers should attend this session as normal, while POD 1 and POD 4 swimmers keen to improve technique in the advertised strokes of focus (this week’s focus will be on BACK and FLY) may also attend. Attendance is available in addition to normal sessions, and the technique session should not be considered a substitute or replacement session for the main sessions that the swimmer normally attends. 12. WAVEMAKER RECORDS THIS SEASON – BAROSSA WAVEMAKERS HAVE SET A TOTAL OF 20 RECORDS SO FAR THIS SEASON (country championship records not yet included)

Leni Newham – 13yrs 50 FREE SA Country Record (3x) Leni Newham – 13yrs 100 FREE SA Country Record Leni Newham – 13yrs 50 FLY SA Country Record Harliai Curthoys-Davies – Open 200 FREE SA Country Record Asta Mickan – 11yrs 50 BREAST SA Country Record Asta Mickan – 11yrs 100 BREAST SA Country Record Kegan Coulter – 11yrs 50 BACK SA Country Record (2x) 8-12yrs Female 200 MEDLEY relay SA Country Record: Charlotte Shannon, Sophie Ashmead, Miella Curthoys-Davies, Asta Mickan 8-12yrs Female 200 FREE relay SA Country Record: Miella Curthoys-Davies, Asta Mickan, Mallika Fletcher, Charlotte Shannon 8-12yrs Male 200 MEDLEY relay SA Country Record: Kegan Coulter, Gus Sloane, Max Schubert, Jackson Fletcher 8-12yrs Male 200 FREE relay SA Country Record: Gus Sloane, Kegan Coulter, Max Schubert, Jackson Fletcher *10-14yrs Female 200 MEDLEY relay SA Country Record: Nyah Schubert, Charlotte Ashmead, Mallika Fletcher, Leni Newham *10-14yrs Female 200 FREE relay SA Country Record: Nyah Schubert, Charlotte Ashmead, Leni Newham, Jasmine Carroll Open Female 400 MEDLEY relay SA Country Record: Harliai Curthoys-Davies, Charlotte Ashmead, Leni Newham, Makayla Docherty Open Female 400 FREE relay SA Country Record: Leni Newham, Makayla Docherty, Harliai Curthoys-Davies, Miella Curthoys-Davies Open Female 200 FREE relay SA Country Record: Leni Newham, Nyah Schubert, Leni Newham, Meg Wood Open Female 200 MEDLEY relay SA Country Record: Harliai Curthoys-Davies, Charlotte Ashmead, Leni Newham, Meg Wood + a host of country championship records TBC 13. UNIFORM LIST AND PRICES Attached please find our uniform list and prices – orders can be placed through our wonderful Uniform officer, Steph Docherty:

14. CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS – SEE BELOW Please note the various carnivals listed on our calendar below. Please see the Swimming SA website for additional events.


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